Providing niche renewable energy services and technology for furthering permanent adoption of sustainable energy solutions in Africa.
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You need to consider the safety aspects of your biogas or biomass plant through a HAZOP? – Let us facilitate the scrutinization of any biogas or biomass process design with your team and that of suppliers, vendors and other consultants through a rigorous structured HAZOP process…
Technical Advisory

You are looking for equity, or grant funding for your project? Lets connect you with our wide range of DFI, grant and financial instruments constantly being generated and revised in the renewable energy market.

You need to evaluate your current renewable energy asset, improve and revamp? Lets give you insight on where things aren’t optimal and where revenue can be increased….

Products & Turnkey
You need to project manage the implementation and construction of your own renewable energy project? Let’s build your project for you in a collaborative effort for cost and risk reduction taking in account requirements of financiers and unique operational requirements…
Sustainability isn’t a state, it’s a path…
Our aim is to establish a long-term business in the support of the ever changing and innovating renewable energy sector in Africa. This requires a lateral approach to integrating new technologies and developing innovative solutions with clients and diversifying these solutions to other sectors in the industry. Sustainable business requires flexibility and nimble strategy with close participation with clients and clear communication and understanding of requirements and drivers.
The aim of Energidrop is to help its clients see the light in their projects and overcome technical and commercial hurdles

Energidrop (Pty) Ltd was brought to life in 2013 as a response to the market need for a technology focused partner that is willing to listen and understand the various bespoke needs of the clientele in the renewable energy sectors. Developers and financiers have had trouble understanding the novel technologies coming into play and hence project execution and implementation was crippled through the development, financing and construction phases.

The aim of Energidrop is to help its clients see the light in their projects and overcome technical and commercial hurdles to accelerate their project implementation in a world that is in serious need of sustainable solutions in resource management and energy supply and use.

This requires frequent lateral thinking, energy product evaluation and market research to keep abreast with technology trends and manufacturing capabilities. An in-depth knowledge of the industry players (both old and new) allows the Energidrop team to guide clients to the most optimal solution for their project.

After solution identification, integration in design and implementation is also part of the Energidrop service package if the client so wishes to proceed. In instances where the need for new or modified technology is required Energidrop does not shy away from doing research and development for brining novel products to market to supply to its clients.


Darius Boshoff

Darius Boshoff

Managing Director

Darius Boshoff (B. Eng. Honours, Chemical Engineering, University of Pretoria) has more than 12 years experience in energy. Furthermore he has an MBA with Monash University. Starting off in Nuclear he spent two years learning the ins-and-outs of systems engineering and the high level of detail required in the Nuclear Energy sector. After realising that the future of nuclear will be marred by regulatory and political upheaval he directed his energy into smaller scale distributed renewable energy technologies and worked with startups and waste management companies to explore alternatives to both waste management and energy production. His passion lies in developing new technology and localising principles of sustainability in an African context that have been proven abroad. He is a registered Renewable Energy professional and and Professional Engineer. His dream is to create a collaborative innovation space for engineers to contribute to sustainability and make a difference by accelerating the adoption of alternatives.

James Hayes

James Hayes

Business Development

James Hayes (B. Eng Electronic, University of Pretoria) focuses his professional activities on renewable energy, networking, sustainable water utilization, and education. He has worked with international organisations as well as start-up companies on three continents. He spent 3 over winter sessions in Antarctica managing communications for the South African research team. James has extensive experience in deployment and management of telecommunications infrastructure, distributed automation systems, remote energy infrastructure and scientific monitoring instrumentation. He has trained and managed installation teams and service personnel for roll-outs in these fields. James has an ability to map processes, implement effective management systems, create roll-out strategies and manage operations for infrastructure and business deployments. His experience has allowed him to consult several companies and to work on a diversity of projects.

Jeremy Fincher

Jeremy Fincher

Mechanical Designer

Jeremy Fincher is a well seasoned design engineer that has worked as the design office head for several large engineering firms including Basil Reed and Matomo. He is well versed in AutoCAD, Microstation and Inventor. Jeremy issists as a mentor and a fabrication specialist from time to time as he is also the Managing Director of Alugrate Holdings, a specialised alimunnium grating manufacturing company that serves the solar rooftop industry worldwide.

Colin Chapple

Colin Chapple

Project Management

Colin Chapple (Pr. Eng. BSc (Hons) Electrical, University of England) is a seasoned veteran in the projects space with 27 years of experience. Having executed multi billion rand projects in harsh environments across the globe, his uncanny way of resolving conflict, managing projects and realising the goals of the employer have made him a dear ally in many large capital projects. He has a strong and extensive skill set comprising all facets of project management, electrical and multidiscipline engineering, financial evaluation, strategy and ‘innovative problem solving’.  Colin has been involved in a number of large multidisciplinary projects in mining, waste to energy, wind power and other heavy industries in South Africa, Africa and the Russian Federation where these skills have been demonstrated and recognised.  Being adept at organising, directing and implementing programs.  He is known for problem solving and regularly undertakes the more challenging and cross border projects where his skills are applied in new fields or to rescue projects.

Nkululeko Mbonane

Nkululeko Mbonane

Junior Process Engineer

Nkululeko Mbonane (Dip., Chemical Engineering, UNISA) joined Energidrop as an undergraduate. His keen attitude to get involved with solving envirnomental and social issues has made him a key player in the team and a trustworthy partner in a young startup. Nkululeko displays huge potential and ability to understand problems and manage projects. He has been involved in Composting projects, Heat exchange plant piloting for the Energidrop heated Tuktuk projecct and for the Energidrop Pyrolysis pilot plant. 


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