You are looking for equity, or grant funding for your project? Lets connect you with our wide range of DFI, grant and financial instruments constantly being generated and revised in the renewable energy market.

You need to evaluate your current renewable energy asset, improve and revamp? Lets give you insight on where things aren’t optimal and where revenue can be increased.

You have a project but need to know if it will work technically?

You have a resource and would like to develop a project?

You are looking for a technical advisor in a due diligence process for acquiring a company or a project? Lets work with you through the mass of information regarding your new business acquisition or project feasibility evaluation. Technical and financial modelling – sorted.

You need an owner’s engineer for your project? Let’s be your Owners Engineer with proven track record and multi million dollar project experience.


In many instances existing projects are in trouble due to bad design or insufficient planning. Energidrop has the depth of experience to evaluate current setups and to develop an optimisation strategy for improving operations.

Grant and other funding applications

Many support mechanicms are available from a financial point of view to get renewable energy projects over the line. These involve grants in the form of challenge funds like AECF or EEP, soft loans from the GEF, low interest loans or tax incentive (12L and 11D). Energidrop has been intimately involved in managing these applications and can provide assistance in this regard.

Renewable energy advisory services

Energidrop has had a great impact into the Environmental and Energy Partnership administered by KPMG Finalnd for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland, DFID from the UK and the Austrian Development Agency. As a technical advisor for measurement and evaluation as well as technical evaluation and filtering this has proven our ability to play a catalysing role for worthy renewable energy project and to assist funds to make maximal positive impact.


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