You need to project manage the implementation and construction of your own renewable energy project? Let’s build your project for you in a collaborative effort for cost and risk reduction taking in account requirements of financiers and unique operational requirements.

Solar PV

Energidrop offers niche on-grid and off-grid solar PV plants installed and delivered to the customers site. Energidrop also developed novel technology in as solar trucking (see vehicle energy efficiency) which will be commercially available soon.


Energidrop can supply up to 1200 kWe wind turbine units for residential and commercial purposes. Permitting may be required for larger units.


Energidrop can supply and install pyrolysis and gasification units for gas supply to offset fossil fuels with char production.


Energidrop has the capability to design and build small to medium scale biogas for fossil fuel offset. Energidrop has manufacturing capability and licensed technology for upgrading biogas to compressed natural gas.

Vehicle energy efficiency

Energidrop has developed international partnerships with companies doing vehicle aerodynamics improvement for revolutionising the South African transport market.


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