Energidrop (Pty) Ltd was brought to life in 2013 as a response to the market need for a technology focused partner that is willing to listen and understand the various bespoke needs of the clientele in the renewable energy sectors. Developers and financiers have had trouble understanding the novel technologies coming into play and hence project execution and implementation was crippled through the development, financing and construction phases.

The aim of Energidrop is to help its clients see the light in their projects and overcome technical and commercial hurdles to accelerate their project implementation in a world that is in serious need of sustainable solutions in resource management and energy supply and use.

This requires frequent lateral thinking, energy product evaluation and market research to keep abreast with technology trends and manufacturing capabilities. An in-depth knowledge of the industry players (both old and new) allows the Energidrop team to guide clients to the most optimal solution for their project.

After solution identification, integration in design and implementation is also part of the Energidrop service package if the client so wishes to proceed. In instances where the need for new or modified technology is required Energidrop does not shy away from doing research and development for brining novel products to market to supply to its clients.

Completed & Current Projects

  • R&D
    • Pyrolysis- Energidrop has a functioning carbonating pilot plant for testing various feedstocks for char, oil and gas yields.
    • Biogas – automated microdigesters
    • Solar trucking – renewable energy offset on vehicles
    • Composting – invessel composting trails for industrial clients with novel filling, turning, aeration and decanting methods
    • Concentrated solar heating for fossil fuel applications done locally and at low cost.
  • Small Scale Supply
    • Turnkey supply and install; Small scale off-grid – Bornman attorneys 3 kW.
    • Turnkey supply and install; Small scale on-grid PV plants – Ralisufar Property Investments 6kW.
  • Services
    • Owners Engineer; NHE Athlone Waste to Energy – 1600 Nm3/hr biogas.
    • Energy Audits – Carbon Check
  • Advisory
    • Project management and evaluation; Clean Energy Africa
    • Technical Advisory; Energy and Environmental Partnership run by KPMG Finland
  • HAZOPs
    • Cement plant power island in Nigeria; BUA
    • Biogas plant in Welkom; Harmony Gold
    • LNG regasification in Namibia; Xaris

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