You need to consider the safety aspects of your biogas or biomass plant through a HAZOP? – Let us facilitate the scrutinization of any biogas or biomass process design with your team and that of suppliers, vendors and other consultants through a rigorous structured HAZOP process (1-3).

You need a design review on a bespoke design that you have some reservations on? – Let us give you peace of mind through our extensive experience in the renewable energy sector and network of sector leading resources in Wind , Solar, Biomass and Biogas energy project.

You need a revised O&M strategy and partner? Lets re-emphasize the importance of property maintenance and operations of your current projects and rectify lacklustre care to ensure longevity and uptime.

You need specialised testing to be done and procedures compiled for sampling and testing? – Let us measure your electrical baseload, realtime fuel consumption and even sample and analyse solids, liquids and gases for energy properties such as moisture, composition, calorific value and more.

You need to survey a resource with aerial photography, determine the extent of a resource, inspect a solar plant or wind turbine or just make a good promotional movie? Let our trained drone pilots capture your wildest dreams on film with our state of the art drone technology.


It is imperative that one’s baseline energy consumption is understood to determine where costs can be optimised and consumption reduced. For this Energidrop provides electrical power logging, mobile external flow metering services, thermal imaging for heat loss and account trending and optimisation.

Aerial drone surveys

As part of the site evaluation and energy audit service, Energidrop has drone flying capabilities using state of the art equipment to do:

  • Solar farm inspections,
  • Solar rooftop inspections,
  • Border inspections,
  • Wind turbine inspections,
  • At-height inspections,
  • Thermal imaging,
  • GIS mapping.
  • Video recording and editing

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hazop & design review facilitation

Safety is of primary concern in energy production facilities, whether this involves large moving machinery, high voltage, working at heights or explosive environments with noxious gasses. Energidrop has been involved as HAZOP and design review facilitator in a wide range of these projects with great references and happy clients.

Feasibility studies

In setting course down a path to develop a project funders and developers alike need to understand the technical and commercial viability of what they are pursuing. To this end Energidrop brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the table with an innovative approach to optimise the clients model from the start to seek the most viable solution.

operations & maintenance

The Energidorp has been involved in biogas plant and wind turbine plant operations and maintenance. Special note of the Darling Wind Farm yield improvement from a capacity factor of 15%  6.5 GWh in 2015,  up to a capacity factor of 16.1  7 GWh in 2016 and target this year of 18.4% 8 GWh through a operations and maintenance takeover by our team.


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